Few sketches

These days I’ve decided to begin to follow some curses of graphic drawing ( sketching ). Right now I don’t have enough money and time to pay for some academic ones, so I’ve decided to search for a free web version, or something like this… so, I’ve found these few:

  1. Draw23.com
  2. AlienTnink.com
  3. ArtGraphica.net

Of course, there are many more such these kind of tutorials, but I didn’t discovered them yet, so if you know some don’t hesitate to write me.

Another problem to solve was the drawing tools: what do I need, where to find them, what brand is best for my needs and budget… etc etc. Of course, I’ve started to search on the internet… There are a plenty of online stores that deliver almost everything, like:

  1. PicturaOnline.ro
  2. PicassoArts.ro
  3. ColorIt.ro

or abroad specialized brand stores, like:

  1. Faber-Castell
  2. Winsor&Newton
  3. Derwent
  4. Cretacolor
  5. Prismacolor
  6. Canson
  7. Sennelier
  8. Schmincke

etc, but the costs with courier are big if you want to buy just few thing… so, I’ve started to look after some specialized shops in my city Iasi… I’ve finished being disappointed – just one: PicassoArts on B-dul Independenţei, Bl. R2, Demisol, Tel/fax: 0232 215 582, Mobil: 0766 402 969…

OK. When finally I’ve gathered what I needed I’ve started the work!!! It didn’t take so long and the practice was really pleasant…

From now on I’ll let you to watch my first sketches and tell me what you think… k?







I’ve added the video tutorials thinking that they may be useful for you too.

This is for now… but I promise I’ll keep doing till I’ll have better results, so stay closer! Thanks!

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